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Parent/Student Gift Cards*

It’s not your cooking, but at least it’s food.

Easy to Purchase

Take the Gift Cards to any register and present them to the cashier. Choose the value you wish to assign the Parent reloadable card, from $5 to $500.


Easy to Use

Take your groceries to the register and present the Student reusable card to the cashier. The purchase total will be deducted from the Student card balance.

Plus, It’s Reloadable (Even long distance)

Take the Parent card to any register and present it to the cashier. Pay for the amount you wish to add to the card balance. Cashier will complete the transaction. For card balance,
call 1-877-932-7948.

It’s Accepted at Stores in 29 States

The Student Gift Card can be used for merchandise purchases at the following stores/states:

  • Cub®: Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin
  • Farm Fresh®: North Carolina, Virginia
  • Hornbacher’s®: North Dakota, Minnesota
  • Shop ‘n Save®: Illinois, Missouri
  • Shoppers®: Maryland, Virginia

*Student card cannot be used to purchase gasoline directly at the pump. Student must pay at the cashier.

*Available in select stores. Visit your local Shop ‘n Save for complete details.