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Five Steps to the Beer-Ready Glass


You know you’ve come a long way in your journey as a beer aficionado when you can appreciate the difference a beer-ready glass makes. Here’s how to prepare yours:

  1. Pour contents of your glasses down the drain.
  2. Fill sink with water and an odorless, low-sudsing cleaner. Wash each glass with a bristled brush. Empty the sink.
  3. Fill the sink with fresh, clean water and place glasses in the water using the “heel-in heel-out” method to prevent air pockets. Then remove glasses from water bottom first, using the heel-in heel out” method again. Empty the sink.
  4. Fill the sink with a sanitizer. Rinse using the same method as above.
  5. Dry glasses upside down on a clean, odor-free rack.

Want to take your beer glassware expertise to the next level?