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The Perfect Pour


Does beer taste good straight from the bottle or can? Sure. Does it taste even better poured just so into a cool, sparkling, beer-ready glass? No doubt. The proper pour gives your beer a better head, cleaner taste, and smoother, more drinkable body. Here’s how to pour it like a pro:

Place the neck of the bottle or the lip of the can over the edge of your beer-ready glass. Quickly raise the bottom of the can or bottle to about a 45 degree angle and pour, causing the beer to gurgle into the glass until a fine head is created. Then lower your pouring angle to slow the flow into the glass, until the foam rises to the rim. You should have a collar, or head, of foam that’s an inch or more thick. By the way, the foam serves a real purpose, releasing the carbon dioxide in the beer that produces a feeling of fullness when you drink it. Notice the rich color and enjoy the aroma of spicy hops and malted barley. Finally, take a sip and savor the crisp, smooth taste. Now that’s beer drinking at its best!




Remember, beer is always best enjoyed in moderation, and only by those of legal drinking age.