Cheers to. . .The Perfect Toast!


Greek and Roman warriors toasted their gods. Vikings toasted their ships. The ritual of raising a glass to the good things in life goes way back. And we’re here to help you carry it forward , with these simple toasting tips.

Who goes first?
Customarily the host begins the toasts by thanking guests for coming. On the other hand, nothing says a guest can’t get things rolling by raising a glass to thank the host for throwing the party.

Plan it out
Don’t to go crazy preparing note cards. But do give a little advance thought to your audience and what you want to say. Then give it a dry run in front of a mirror at home and you’re good to go.

The word is Thanks
Don’t know what to say? Think thanks. You can’t go wrong expressing gratitude for friends and family, and wishing them health, happiness and success.


Don’t be shy--stand up to get guests’ attention when you’re ready to make a toast. You can also clink the edge of your glass with a spoon to let people know you’re about to speak.

Keep it short

You don’t want to make a speech, and guests want to get back to the festivities. Short toasts make everyone happy.

Raise it right
While you’re delivering the toast, keep your glass at waist level. When you’re done, raise the glass to eye level and tip it towards your audience so they’ll know it’s time to clink glasses. 

Alcohol optional

You don’t have to drink alcohol to toast—go with whatever you’re sipping. It’s the clink that counts!





Remember, any alcoholic beverage is best enjoyed in moderation and only by those of legal drinking age. Selection varies based on location.